W2, Crucial Compliance and nChain unite to deliver blockchain-powered compliance

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Player protection specialist join forces with blockchain specialist to launch next-gen player protection tools to help operators avoid non-compliance and regulatory fines.

W2, the provider of leading regulatory compliance services to the gambling industry and player protection specialists Crucial Compliance have joined forces with leading blockchain technology company nChain in a breakthrough partnership that brings blockchain-powered compliance solutions to operators in global markets.

The collaboration enhances the suite of compliance solutions offered by W2 and strategic partner Crucial Compliance, helping operators better overcome today’s regulatory challenges while future-proofing their compliance tools and processes for the challenges of tomorrow.

"Protecting players should be easy. Combining W2’s tools and expertise with Crucial Compliance and nChain, we’ve created a complete solution that puts players first and makes maintaining compliance simple for operators."
warren russell
Warren Russell
CEO - W2

Distributed Ledge Technology is already playing a big role in transforming the industry. The collaboration between W2, Crucial Compliance and nChain brings this transformation to the area of regulation and compliance for the first time.

The solutions being offered by W2 and Crucial Compliance are now supported by the unmatched blockchain technology of nChain, forming a complete compliance and player protection toolkit that mitigates the risk of operators being hit with fines and the reputational damage this causes.

“Distributed Ledger Technology is the future of regulatory compliance and player protection, and this collaboration between W2, Crucial and nChain allows our operator partners to leverage its huge potential today while futureproofing for tomorrow.”
paul foster
Paul Foster
CEO - Crucial Compliance
Blockchain is critical to this enhanced level of protection – traceable, auditable, trustless compliance tools are the future of iGaming and operators can access them now via W2 and Crucial Compliance.
“We are passionate about the ways in which blockchain can enhance vital processes for businesses in a wide range of sectors but especially when it comes to gambling operators and regulatory compliance and player protection.

This breakthrough partnership between nChain, W2 and Crucial Compliance makes these cutting-edge technologies available now, allowing gambling operators to enhance compliance and further mitigate the risk of fines and reputational damage.”
nick hill , nchain
Nick Hill
Sales Director - nChain

Find out more about W2, Crucial Compliance, and nChain by visiting the Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London on 7-9 February.

About W2 Global Data:

W2 has access to leading data and service providers ensuring that up to date and reliable information is available via a single access point; enabling businesses to satisfy regulatory requirements and make reliable, informed decisions about consumer and corporate customers.

W2 provides Affordability, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Business (KYB) and ID Verification (IDV services). W2 can provide the right solution on a domestic and international scale, for both point of acceptance and ongoing monitoring. W2 offer the most customer focused compliance solution available, allowing active management of risk.

Founded in 2011 and based in Wales, W2 has enjoyed consistent growth, with a team of 30+ strong both in head office in Cardiff, and remotely around the UK and Europe.

W2’s mission is simple; complexity should never be a barrier to business.

For more information, visit https://www.w2globaldata.com

About Crucial Compliance: 

Crucial Compliance is the one-stop-shop for all your regulatory, corporate responsibility and compliance needs. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the various RG and AML areas, Crucial Compliance can provide you with tailormade strategies & solutions which will match your regulatory and aspirational Corporate Social Responsibility.

Crucial Compliance delivers a holistic safer gambling strategy which is tailored to the specific needs of online gaming operators. It provides support to help you build a long term, sustainable and effective Player Protection Model, by providing data driven analyses, in-depth knowledge of the industry and a wide range of tools to support your business needs.

Crucial Compliance is bringing change to the industry, one operator at a time.

For more information, visit https://crucialcompliance.gi/

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