nChain Product Suite Platform was launched at BSV DevCon

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nChain has launched its new Product Suite Platform, a developer platform designed to simplify the transition from Web2 to Web3. Speaking at the recent BSV Blockchain DevCon, Mike Smolenski (Technology Lead at nChain) and Thomas Moretti (Head of Product Development at nChain) explained that the Product Suite Platform offers a comprehensive range of tools and services, including foundational immutable data recording, digital identity, and sovereign document signing.

Moretti began the presentation by giving an overview of the various ongoing products at nChain and how they utilise the BSV blockchain.‘nChain’s Product Suite Platform is a platform supporting the development, deployment and installation of Web3 infrastructure and applications in an easy-to-use manner,’ he said.

Moretti added that the friction of Web3 development is impacting developers around the world. There are approximately 27 million global developers, with just 20,000 of these developers working on Web3 projects. This is due to several key issues including a growing skill gap, fragmented ecosystems and complex tooling. This needs to change if the technology is to be adopted in earnest, said Moretti.

The Product Suite Platform solves this problem by acting as a unified, secure, and scalable platform with a suite of enterprise-grade, plug-and-play Web3 applications that integrate seamlessly with your business processes, said Moretti. ‘We remove the complexity from Web3 development by creating streamlined, user-friendly and intuitive tools that empower developers,’ he said. ‘nChain’s Product Suite Platform offers unparalleled flexibility in deployment, ensuring every organisation finds their perfect fit. Users can demo, test and deploy their own Web3 applications without having to interact with intermediaries.’

Key features

Some of the features offered by the Product Suite Platform include:

  • Digital sovereignty with on-premise installations: The Product Suite Platform emphasises digital sovereignty, especially crucial for organisations under strict data laws. It simplifies on-premises deployment, ensuring data security and compliance with local policies.
  • Customisable data control: The nChain Product Suite Platform grants users enhanced control over data storage and management, vital in sectors handling sensitive information.
  • End-user data sovereignty: The Product Suite Platform enables individuals to control and move their data across applications, promoting true data ownership.
  • Easy deployment for decentralised systems: The platform revolutionises the Web3 experience by offering the most frictionless deployment of platform components for distributed use cases. Our components are designed to industry standards and are intuitive, which many developers are operations teams are familiar with so that they can quickly get started.

A demo system and an overview of the Product Suite Platform tools can be found here.

Smolenski followed Moretti by giving an overview of nChain Sign. It is a digital signature solution that creates tamper-proof, secure and transparent verification of documents. It does this by utilising the unique benefits of the BSV blockchain to provide a secure, immutable, and transparent method for signing and verifying documents.

nChain Sign is designed to offer individuals and organisations the ability to execute signatures on digital documents with the assurance that once a document is signed, it cannot be altered without detection. This aligns with the principles of Web3 and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), emphasising user empowerment.

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