A secure, private, and customisable digital signature solution that adapts to your business needs

What is nChain Sign?

nChain Sign is a digital signature solution that ensures tamper-proof electronic and digital signatures, as well as secure and transparent verification of documents. Our platform leverages blockchain technology to provide a reliable and efficient way to handle document signing and verification processes.

How does it Work?

Issue with Confidence

nChain Sign enables organisations and individuals to create, send, and sign documents electronically and digitally with ease and security.
Examples include:

  • An employer sending an employment contract for signature
  • A client signing a service agreement
  • A supplier signing a purchase order

Manage with Ease

As a user, you can manage all your signed documents securely within the platform.
Features include:

  • Storing signed documents
  • Tracking the status of pending signatures
  • Setting reminders for unsigned documents

Verify with Trust

A verifier, whether an entity, individual, or platform, can authenticate the integrity of documents and signatures.
Verifiers can ensure that:

  • The document has not been tampered with
  • The signatures are valid

Why nChain Sign?

Security and Compliance

Built on robust blockchain technology, nChain Sign ensures the security and integrity of your documents. It adheres to industry standards and best practices to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

Efficiency and Convenience

Eliminate the need for manual paperwork and streamline your document signing processes. Our platform enhances efficiency for both requestors and signers by providing a seamless digital signing experience.

Full Ownership of Your Data

Users have complete control over their documents and signatures. With nChain Sign, your data stays exclusively within your control, ensuring utmost privacy and security.

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Key Features

Customisable workflows to fit your organisation’s needs
Real-time collaboration with instant updates and notifications
Intuitive dashboard for document management including real-time trail tracking and status updates
Independent document and signature verification on blockchain
Integration with SSI for enhanced signer verification (Coming soon)
Leveraging nChain Product Suite Platform for easy access to nChain Sign

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