Tokenisation and social marketplaces

Release the digital value of your products

Tokenisation and marketplace platform, powered by blockchain

Minta is a no-code platform that allows businesses to use Web3 tokenisation to unlock the full potential of their products and services in the digital world.

Why tokenisation?

Tokenisation allows a brand to issue digital assets so that they can be discovered, bought, owned and traded by customers.

Customer ownership of a digital assets unlocks a new type of brand experience between brands and their customers, deepening engagement and loyalty. 


Businesses create digital assets of their products or services using the Minta no-code platform.

Branded digital assets are listed on the Minta public marketplace, or a branded white labelled marketplace. 

Customers go to the marketplace to discover, buy and trade digital assets of their favourite brands, opening new fan and loyalty experiences. 

Digital asset creation and all subsequent trading is recorded on blockchain. As well as providing authenticity and traceability, it also provides a channel for brands to earn royalties from the resale market of their products.


No-code platform

Real-time auctions

Public or white label marketplace

Low fees

No intermediaries

Gated experiences

Royalties management

Digital asset creation

Pre-release products to secure funding


Affordable trading with low transaction fees

With low transaction fees, sell your products and services online without the high fees of traditional platforms.

Provide authenticity and earn royalties with blockchain

Using blockchain, Minta provides integrity, traceability, and transparency for digital assets so you can leverage:

  • Royalties and a connection with your resale customers
  • Proof of authenticity for customers

Redefine brand reach and engagement

By issuing digital versions of products, deliver new brand experiences:

  • Extend your brand reach and experience via digital channels
  • Provide exclusive content linked to tokenised assets
  • Build community through trading and marketplaces

Strengthen loyalty with marketplaces

With a bespoke, branded marketplace you can create a new channel for customers to experience your brand, deepening loyalty, engagement and opening up new revenue streams.

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Minta nChain Logo

Why nChain?

With its maintenance of the BSV blockchain and robust patent portfolio, nChain provides the core blockchain infrastructure behind Gate2Chain’s Minta solution.

The superior characteristics of the BSV blockchain – scalability, integrity, availability and efficiency – have enabled Gate2Chain to build their complete tokenisation and social marketplace platform and provide customers with low fees, transparency and scalability.

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