Digital Cash

Financial inclusion for the modern economy

What is digital cash?

A regulatory compliant cash product that allows citizens to use a digital form of central bank money for payments. It replicates physical notes & coins in digital form and does not require citizens to have access to bank accounts to use digital cash for payments.

“Digital cash is, and needs to remain, private. Digital cash is a pure peer-to-peer medium of exchange; no intermediaries involved in the exchange of payment. It is inclusive. No need to have a bank account or access to financial services.”

Simit Naik
Director of Commercial & Strategy, nChain

Increase financial inclusion

A digital form of cash provides a far more effective method for central banks to distribute cash, as well as delivering enhanced monitoring of cash through the economy and ensuring accessibility & inclusivity of cash to citizens.

1.7 billion

adults remain unbanked globally.


(For illustrative purposes only. Source World Bank)

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Mitigates private money threat

As countries face continuing challenges from private money, cryptocurrency and economic shocks, which in turn increases the risk of capital flight, central banks need to provide a digital system that ensures all citizens can continue to access cash in an ever changing digital economy.


A peer-to-peer cash solution

One that does not require an intermediary to facilitate payments between individuals and merchants.

Replicates the advantages of physical cash such as being an inclusive and credit-free form of money that has finality and can be used offline.

Addresses key challenges of physical cash such as the significant costs associated with the manufacturing, minting, security, maintenance, and distribution of physical notes and coins, in addition to helping to reduce fraud and tax evasion.

Incorporates the role of an issuer to assist central banks in issuing and managing digital cash.

Hybrid permission model maintains the balance between financial privacy and traceability.

Low-cost transaction processing ensures cash remains inclusive and an efficient means of exchange.

Support for micro and nano payments.

Our Approach

A private permissioned CBDC on a public ledger

Digital cash is a peer-to-peer payment platform that facilitates faster and cheaper cash payments, eliminating the need for an intermediary to facilitate payments.

We achieve this by providing a token-based solution that allows cash to be held directly by the user without relying on a bank account.

To ensure full control over the use of tokens, our approach places a significant importance in defining the role of an issuer, who will be responsible for controlling and managing digital cash tokens, from issuance, distribution, and monitoring.

The product can be used by central banks to mint and issue retail central bank digital currencies.
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Digital Cash Guide

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