Digital Assets as a Service

Fast, simple and affordable asset creation

Purpose-built solution for digital assets, powered by blockchain

The adoption of digital assets is rapidly increasing as brands recognise digital assets as a valuable tool for engaging with their audience.

Asset Layer is the first Digital Asset as a Service (DAaaS) solution built on blockchain technology. Eliminating the complexities associated with using blockchain tools, it makes the entire process of creating digital assets simpler and considerably more affordable.


14 Active Apps

5m Digital Assets Created

12m+ On-Chain Transactions

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Simplifying digital asset creation and trading

Asset Layer’s API/ SDK and no-code solutions cater to a wide range of users, including individual users like gamers and artists, as well as small businesses and large enterprises.

The platform allows non-technical teams to effortlessly create interoperable digital assets that can serve multiple branding purposes, such as loyalty programs and community engagement.
In addition to digital assets, Asset Layer’s integrated solution enables end-users to trade all types of assets in its marketplace or build your own marketplace using the API.
Partnering with HandCash, Asset Layer also includes a wallet solution that provides end-users with convenient access to the digital assets.

Fast & Simple

API and no-code tool require no blockchain expertise or even coding knowledge

Enrich experiences

Interoperability removes limitations in developing rich customer experiences


Cheaper and quicker than developing and maintaining in-house solutions

Open revenue streams

Enhanced customer engagement provides lucrative launchpad for partner collaboration


Fan Engagement

‘Asset Layer showed us how scalable NFTs enhance the fan experience. We are using their solution as the basis for a new fan engagement platform for over 20 million fans”
Taylor Searle
Built by Gamers







‘We easily created a marketplace for our game assets, enabling 3rd parties to create secondary markets and benefit from asset interoperability”
Eric LaForce
Haste Arcade


Create digital assets and integrate them into apps without needing any specialised blockchain knowledge.

Cloud storage

Seamlessly store your digital assets, and easily share with other apps.

No-code tool

Streamline application management and enable non-technical contributors.


List your brand items in existing marketplaces or create your own.


Give customers control of their funds, points, tokens, NFTs and more with an integrated wallet.


Why nChain

With its maintenance of the BSV blockchain and robust patent portfolio, nChain provides the core blockchain infrastructure behind Asset Layer’s solution.

The superior characteristics of the BSV blockchain – scalability, integrity, availability and efficiency – have enabled Asset Layer to build their complete digital asset platform and provide customers with interoperability, security and scalability.

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