Cashless Casino

Revolutionise physical gaming with cashless payment systems 


Cashless Casino

Revolutionise the land-based casino environment with a true omnichannel payment system – built to streamline KYC and AML processes.  

The Cashless Casino solution is aimed at land-based casino operators who would like to improve the experience of their players, improve their security and stay compliant with upcoming regulations. 

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Reduce risk, protect players and save money using distributed ledger technology

Built upon Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) nChain’s Cashless Casino solution has been designed to speed up payments in real-time while minimising the fees attached to transactions. Give players the freedom to navigate the casino floor without the need to exchange cash or use expensive ATMs and reward them with loyalty programs by linking your casino wallet to their account.  

 Cashless Casino can assist operators to better capture player activity, which can be used for important KYC information, embedding responsible gaming best practices and protecting players from potential harm online and offline.  


Reduce risk, protect players and save money using distributed ledger technology

Operators, regulators and legislators are looking to create and deliver a Cashless Casino environment to keep up to date with regulatory change, compliance checks and responsible gaming. 

E2E cashless ecosystem

Deposit or withdraw – online and offline 

Connects KYC effortlessly

A single source of funds to help improve AML processes 

Tamperproof transaction history

A reliable, single customer view of all your players 

Bypass expensive fees

No processing or transaction fees 


Casino wallets

Implementing a Cashless Casino solution delivered by nChain, Bitboss and Crucial Compliance will allow the player to create a casino wallet and transfer fiat currency into a stable token. Once the wallet is funded this will then allow the player to seamlessly interact with the slot machine or table game and throughout the casino. 

At the same time this gives the casino operator that ability to monitor player behaviour and intervene proactively should a player trigger or demonstrate potential harmful gameplay. This gives the operator the ability to identify the source of funds and conduct AML checks if required. 

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The most cost-effective solution on the market

Our distributed ledger technology protects you and your players. 

Go cashless with a fully customisable payment system in the form of credit and debit cards, subscriptions, and pay-per-minute services. 

Digitise your compliance checks to ensure peace of mind when responding to markers of harm 

A more cost-effective solution with cheaper deposit and processing fees, reducing the time for players to transfer funds. 

Treat loyal players with vouchers that can be linked to their casino wallet – whether that be something to eat, a trip to the spa or gifts to take home. 

Move players to another slots or table game quicker with instant pay-outs directly into their wallet, making the player experience more seamless. 


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