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What is nChain Identity?

nChain Identity is a verifiable digital credential solution that streamlines the issuance, management, and verification of credentials, enabling users to carry verifiable credentials on mobile devices while ensuring enhanced data security and privacy.

How does it Work?

Issue with Confidence

Our platform empowers organisations and entities to seamlessly create, certify, and issue verifiable credentials to individuals and other entities.
Examples include:

  • An online community confirming your membership
  • The government issuing your official IDs
  • A university awarding your degree certificate

Hold with Freedom

As holders, users can manage and control all verifiable credentials securely on their mobiles, with the convenience to present them anytime, anywhere.
Such as:

  • A verified membership
  • A driver license
  • A university degree

The best part? You have the option to present only the specific credentials needed for each situation, maintaining your privacy and minimising data exposure.*

Verify with Trust

A verifier, whether an entity, individual, or platform — authenticates users based on their credentials. Verifiers can set precise rules for identity verification, ensuring each credential check aligns with specific requirements, such as “must be over 18 years old”.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Selective Disclosure in the verification process to further enhance data privacy protection. *

*Future development

Why nChain Identity?

Compliance and Interoperability

Built on the W3C open standards that govern using verifiable credentials and decentralised identities and aligned with relevant regulations eg, GDPR and eiDAS.

Full Ownership
of Your Data

Complete control over Personal Identifying Information (PII) on users’ own devices. With nChain Identity, the data stays exclusively on your device, ensuring utmost privacy and security.

Reusability and

Enable users to use their verifiable credentials across multiple applications and services, eliminating repeated verification process hence enhance efficiency for both issuers and holders.

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Key Features

Leveraging nChain Product Suite Platform for easy access to nChain Identity tool and APIs
Issuer API designed for credential management and verifier-proof generation.
Fast generation of verification QR codes and instant notification when used by users
Multiple reusable Verifiable Credentials stored and managed in one place – nChain Identity Wallet
Verifiable Credentials works in both on-chain and off-chain* verification. * coming soon
Verifier API for simple and privacy-focused authentication experience


Within the framework of nChain Identity, blockchain functions as a highly secure decentralised data registry. Its primary purpose lies in creating distinct user and organisational Decentralised Identifiers (DiD), ensuring their resilience against tampering. Each DiD is paired with an associated document, securely stored on the blockchain, bolstering the credibility and inviolability of identity information.

The utilisation of a public blockchain as our data register confers several advantages. The transparent and decentralised nature of the blockchain enhances the security of identity data, fostering trust in the verification process. The distributed architecture ensures that no single entity has undue control, mitigating the risk of manipulation or unauthorised access. This robust and reliable foundation exemplifies the benefits of leveraging a public blockchain as a secure and tamper-resistant repository for managing digital identities within the nChain Identity ecosystem.

For now, nChain Identity exclusively operates on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. This deliberate choice is driven by the unique benefits of BSV within the realm of UTXO-based blockchains. BSV protocol stands out due to its commitment to scaling, allowing for significantly larger block sizes and increased transaction throughput. This scalability ensures cost-effective transactions and facilitates the seamless integration of diverse identity-related data. Furthermore, BSV’s adherence to the original Bitcoin protocol provides a stable and reliable foundation for nChain Identity, emphasizing security, transparency, and efficiency in managing digital identities.

There are multiple use cases for nChain Identity in the business context. An enterprise may wish to issue a digital identity for their employees through which they can verify their identity or credentials, such as proof of employment. Customers can create digital identities that can be issued via Verifiable Credentials that act as proof of transaction.

Imagine a self-sovereign identity (SSI) solution in action, transforming the landscape for businesses and users alike. As a verifier, businesses can streamline identity verification processes with enhanced efficiency and security. Instead of relying on traditional methods that may involve manual checks and third-party intermediaries, verifiers can trust the tamper-resistant digital credentials provided by the self-sovereign identity system.

For issuers, the benefits are equally significant. Entities issuing credentials, such as educational institutions or government bodies, can reduce administrative overhead by securely issuing and managing digital certificates. These credentials are not only cryptographically secure but also easily verifiable by third parties, contributing to a more streamlined and trustworthy process.

As for the identity holders, individuals gain control over their personal information. With a self-sovereign identity, users can selectively disclose specific details without revealing unnecessary data, thereby enhancing privacy. Users have the freedom to manage and update their credentials, ensuring accuracy and relevance over time. This empowerment fosters a more secure and user-centric approach to identity management, fundamentally reshaping the dynamics of interactions between businesses and users in the digital realm.

The data stored on the wallet apps is inaccessible to other applications installed on the same mobile device. Through strong encryption techniques, the wallet app is protected from inadvertent access.

We offer both user guides and extensive FAQs for all of our products. These can be found within the nChain Product Suite Platform. Additionally, our support team is available to help with any other questions. You can reach them via contact form on

nChain Identity is capable of communicating with other solutions where interoperability is required. For example, the nChain Identity wallet may be required to receive credentials from other identity solutions and potentially be used as a verifiable presentation.

Click here to create an account on the nChain Product Suite Platform. From the nChain Product Suite Platform, you can further explore nChain Identity, including creating your product environment. The nChain Product Suite Platform allows you to test and trial nChain Identity and other nChain products for 30 days before extending your trial or committing to a paid plan with our sales team.

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