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Creating the knowledge and tools to build Web3

Since our inception in 2015, nChain has had a dedicated R&D team pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Web3.

Our R&D team are a group of dedicated scientists, researchers, and developers committed to unlocking the potential of blockchain technology.

Their work is recognised across the Web3 industry: nChain is ranked 6th globally for active patents related to blockchain technology (1) and has been named as a global top 100 innovator for the second year running. 

Sources: (1) Innography, (2) Lexis Nexis   


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academic papers published since 2021


globally patent ranking for patents related to blockchain


new patents filed for inventions in 2023

Meet the team

With cutting-edge research & development, the team brings together diverse expertise in cryptography, blockchain infrastructure & applications, and network & analytics to deliver innovative solutions that drive real-world impact.  

At nChain, the R&D team embodies our mission to eliminate inefficiencies, lower costs and speed up processes, so the global economy will be open, accessible, and secure for everyone.  We integrate emerging technologies like IPv6, IoT, and AI into our blockchain network research to shape the future of Web3 – the next generation of the internet. 

Dr Owen Vaughan
Chief Science Officer

We have a vision for a human-centric future network powered by a global public blockchain, and the knowledge and skills to turn it into a reality. 

“Our comprehensive research and IP portfolio is testament to the commitment of our team to build in-depth and broad knowledge of Web3, shaping both the digital and real worlds.” 

Dr Michaella Pettit
Research Director
Dr Wei Zhang
Research Director

We deliver simplicity because we deeply understand the complexity. Our creativity thrives with diversity. We are committed to bringing research to life and innovating incrementally. 

By adopting a holistic approach to researching Web3, we are creating the next generation of the internet from infrastructure through to applications. 

Dr Alessio Pagani
Research Director

Interested in learning more about how we work and our latest projects? Visit our dedicated website here.