Blockchain-powered data integrity for businesses

What is nChain Event?

nChain Event is designed to empower businesses to efficiently write, link, and verify data records on the blockchain. It offers simple-to-use APIs that integrate seamlessly into your products and workflows, allowing you to benefit from the immutability of blockchain without complexity.

Key Features

Simplified Process

Blockchain interaction operations, such as signing transactions and key management, are removed. No in-depth blockchain knowledge required.

Flexible Data

Choose how to encode your records of any format on the blockchain, ensuring versatility and adaptability to your business needs.

Efficient Verification

Quickly link and verify records on the blockchain anytime or with third-party tools. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming verification processes.

Enhanced Traceability

Interlink records to easily trace the lineage and connections between different data points, providing a comprehensive view of data flow and dependencies.


Scalable Solutions

Adaptable to various business needs, from small enterprises to large corporations.


Reduce costs associated with data integrity and verification processes, as well as deploying blockchain implementations.

Business Efficiency

Your in-house development team can quickly embark on the Web3 journey via our API to the blockchain, streamlining integration and data management.

How it works

Connect your existing environments to nChain Event using a straightforward API.

Decide which records to publish and verify on chain.

Records can also be linked together using nChain Event functionality. Linking records provides more security, facilitates interoperability between different agents updating data chains, and provides history and provenance of data.

Each record is given a unique transaction ID, so that it can be verified on chain using 3rd party tools. 

These records can be shared with stakeholders who need to independently check the validity of your business data or claims.

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Use Cases

IoT Audit

With nChain Event, you can verify the integrity of IoT data and make data-driven decisions with the confidence that critical logs have been properly and correctly maintained. For larger IoT systems, this gives immediate clarity into system downtime, error and other complications.

Supply Chain Tracking

Integrating supply chains with nChain Event helps guarantee tamper-proof evidence trails and increases transparency among different stakeholders. The API can aggregate data from multiple sources and give consumers full visibility of the life cycle of their purchases.

Verifiable Gaming

Trustworthy gaming platforms built on top of nChain Event allow gaming logic and rules to be executed in a dependable way. Any uncertainties or disputes over gaming events, or fairness, can easily be resolved by replaying nChain Event’s on-chain audit log. nChain Event also provides gaming platforms auditable ways to prove to regulators that their businesses are operating compliantly.

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