Blockchain Infrastructure

Our technical experts maintain the BSV blockchain

Protocol layer

We work alongside the BSV Association to build, maintain and enhance the BSV blockchain’s infrastructure software, with over 30 engineers working on the project.

In a bespoke agreement, our expertise has been engaged to create the open-source software that helps power the network, enabling it to scale and support the entire internet of value. The BSV blockchain is for enterprises and developers that require scalability, reliably low fees, and a more energy-efficient network.

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LiteClient Toolbox

In May 2022, the LiteClient Toolbox (LCT) was launched. The LiteClient Toolbox essentially makes the network more accessible to all users. It streamlines the way clients and businesses will be able to use the BSV blockchain, by removing the complexity of having to validate the entire blockchain and allowing faster processing times. The LCT brings together key tools regularly used to interact with peers of the BSV network, helping to make it more user-friendly.

Read our Toolbox Overview to learn more.

BSV Node software

The BSV Node software, developed for the BSV Association, is the reference software implementation for nodes operating on the BSV blockchain. We rolled out the first version of the software implementation preserving the original Bitcoin protocol on 15th October 2018, followed by regular updates every few months.

Our dedicated team of software engineers, solution architects, QA testers and security experts are continuously working on such updates to ensure that network participants can best leverage the system. We also undertake regular external audits of the software, to provide additional assurance of its safety. The BSV Node offers industry-leading scalability, and we are improving it with every new iteration.

For more information, visit the official BSV website

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Our team of infrastructure experts are working on the next phase of BSV blockchain software: Teranode, a horizontally scaled implementation aimed at enterprise customers, with unlimited capacity to scale.

Teranode presents the next generation of blockchain technology software that will increase processing speeds. Teranode is scheduled to launch at the end of the year, and will eventually replace the current BSV Node software.

Learn more about Teranode and watch the live demo.

New to the blockchain space?​

Visit the BSV Academy to learn more, where our engineers helped develop industry-leading training material.