Powering Partner Success: Nova KBM Recognised as Slovenia’s Best Bank for Fourth Consecutive Year

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We are proud to share that our client Nova KBM who run online bank Bank@Net and mobile bank mBank@Net, a member of OTP Group, has been selected as the best bank in Slovenia for the fourth year in a row following independent analysis carried out by E-laborat.  

The analysis carried out by E-laborat includes performing a complete check of the specific functions and user experience of all banks in Slovenia and major EU based Internet only banks. Nova KBM’s online and mobile banks were placed in the Advanced Digital Category, scoring the highest number of points. Their platforms have been recognised as providing the most comprehensive range of functionalities and content to satisfy the needs of users as well as incorporating the latest online and mobile business trends. Their Google Play and App store ratings have also reached 4.8+ star reviews.  

John Denhof, the CEO of Nova KBM comments; “We are very proud to have won for the fourth consecutive year this highly prestigious award for the best online and mobile bank in the country. This is a great confirmation that listening to our clients, and incorporating their feedback systematically, as well as our long-term focus on digitisation, supported by our partner nChain, has paid off. Our simple to use, 24×7, quick and safe digital solutions have been attracting an ever-growing number of users and we are excited to see that for several years our digital Net Promotors Score (NPS) has been at record levels.” 

In addition to the rebranding of Nova KBM’s digital channels (after the bank became a member of OTP Group), the key innovations introduced in 2023 in Nova KBM’s online or mobile banks were: 

  • Option to open an account anytime (24/7) by using just a selfie.  
  • Option to invite a friend (Referral programme) 
  • A simple end-to-end process for charge and pre-paid cards including changing a card limit  
  • Updated management of personal investments with enhanced user experience and transparency as well as the user’s risk profile update   
  • Clearer overview of card instalment payments  
  • More targeted offers 

With nChain’s help on its front-end design and application, Nova KBM continues to improve its digital channels to facilitate clients’ online and mobile access to an ever-increasing number of financial services and products. In this way, the bank has managed to minimise the need for clients to visit its branches, which saves them a lot of time while reducing the workload for branch employees. In the future, they will focus on providing a comprehensive range of modern digital services and further raising the standards of digital banking in Slovenia. nChain is extremely excited to be on this journey with Nova KBM and congratulates the bank on this most recent recognition.  

For more information, or to read the original press release on Nova KBM’s site, please visit the Nova KBM website here