Work at nChain
Where innovation meets application. Our team is one of the fastest growing in the industry, and we look for minds driven to turn ground-breaking ideas into world-changing products.
Open Positions

We are always on the lookout for talented people. We have open positions in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Our recruitment process is human-centered.

Have you got what it takes to be part of the nChain team? Interested applicants will be able to apply for a job here.

Skills and Review

Our recruitment team will evaluate whether you have the skills required to succeed in our industry. It is important to ensure that our candidates are the best for the job opening.

Interview and Evaluation

The interview stage is where we can find out more about the applicant’s background, skills, and personality, to see if they fit the company culture.

Build on ideas whose time has come.

At nChain, we value our employees and are committed to creating a diverse environment as an equal opportunity employer.

Balance your life and work.
At nChain, we believe in the importance of a balance between work and life. It is key that the demands of work will not impact your life outside nChain.
Work with the best in the industry.
Our open-plan offices enable our people to work with the greatest minds in the industry.
Well-being is important.
With our well-being programme at nChain, employees have a positive working environment that helps them continue to thrive.
Our social culture is at the heart of nChain, encouraging a collaborative environment.
Breakfast Meetings

An opportunity for employees to start the day off together with the most important meal of the day.

Lunch & Learn

Each team has the opportunity to share their ideas about a chosen topic, giving employees a chance to widen their knowledge over lunch.

Monthly Social Events

External and internal events take place for everyone to strengthen bonds outside just their teams.

Women in Blockchain

A group that is dedicated to the empowerment of women in the blockchain industry.

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