nChain and Transmira to build global-scale metaverse that connects to real-world cities to drive engagement and commerce

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LONDON, UK – February 17, 2023 – nChain, a world leader in Web3 and Blockchain technologies, today announces the formation of a powerful strategic alliance with Transmira Inc. to develop world-class metaverse solutions. nChain is taking a strategic equity stake in Transmira to develop the wider ecosystem. This partnership will provide deeper user engagement, brand loyalty and data monetisation for the global markets and major industries to bridge the real world and the digital one.

Transmira, led by visionary and industry veteran Robert Rice, is the developer of Omniscape™, a revolutionary metaverse platform with city-scale digital twins and virtual goods monetisation, that bridges the physical and digital worlds, blending augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) together.

Digital Twins are immersive 3D environments that replicate real-world places for virtual reality and the Metaverse. These city-scale digital twins have a variety of applications including landmarks and sports venues that are linked to real-world locations.

With Transmira’s patented virtual goods technology for mobile AR and desktop VR, brands in entertainment, real estate or retail can link digital 3D objects and NFTs to real-world physical assets in a virtual marketplace, allowing creators to drive deeper engagement, unparalleled user experiences and stronger brand loyalty.

Within sports this technology offers highly realistic stadiums and arenas in 3D cities that are fully interactive, secure and explorable by fans, driving engagement and commerce with digital communities beyond Web2 barriers.

This partnership will enable brands to provide new experiences via 3D digital twins of products, merchandise, services or special offers. This link between physical and digital is the foundation for monetisation and transference of value in the metaverse and will drive unbounded commerce in an emerging industry expected to surpass $13T by 2030.

“We are excited to join forces with Transmira and develop disruptive products and services for the first and only global-scale metaverse based on the real world,” said Stefan Matthews, CEO of nChain. “The applications for city-scale digital twins in nearly every industry are staggering, and Transmira’s virtual goods technology will the basis for true Web3 commerce in the Metaverse. While there are many social VR and novelty AR ventures in the market, we believe that Transmira is the only one with the vision, expertise, and capability to create a world-changing Metaverse.”

Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira commented that “While the industry at large is more concerned with cryptocurrency and novelty NFTs, the key to realizing the full potential and power of the Metaverse is blockchain as a fundamental requirement for data integrity and trusted commerce. nChain is the provider for the only scalable blockchain technology, and this alliance gives us deep access to that expertise, as well as a partner that will expand our capabilities and reach into the global markets.”

These city-scale digital twins have a variety of applications for marketing, advertising, retail, tourism, sports, entertainment, education, urban planning, commercial real estate, and other enterprise use cases.

nChain and Transmira are beginning development on initial projects for Governments, Sports stadiums and arenas, and other enterprise clients, while working with international brands to create next-generation metaverse experiential marketing and consumer engagement campaigns.

About Transmira Inc.

Transmira, Inc. is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based start-up that develops technology, products, and services for businesses, brands, and creators in the first real-world metaverse platform, OMNISCAPE™. The platform features city-scale digital twins, virtual goods monetisation, and the seamless blend of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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