Platform Products

Our suite of turnkey services can be deployed quickly to blockchain-enable your business. These enabling services allow seamless integration without the need for in-house blockchain developers.

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Strategic Solutions

Our commercial & strategy team works directly with clients to create strategic solutions. We combine creative, technical, and commercial expertise in a product-driven manner.

    Our Brands

    CREA helps partners quickly adapt to new business situations to improve their competitiveness through the implementation of business innovation.
    Equaleyes Solutions is an award-winning software development company, whose core areas of expertise are web and mobile development & UX UI design.
    Minimise risk, remove wasted time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency with enterprise-level data integrity. Trust the data you rely upon.

    Benefits of nChain

    Commercial blockchain solutions helping enterprise and government generate value.

    Data Integrity

    Innovative R&D

    Human-Centred Approach

    Enabling Services

    Seamless Applications

    Lasting Solutions

    Featured Case Study

    Making land registry more transparent to encourage investment

    Real estate markets without adequate oversight and transparency are viewed as high risk by domestic and international investors, stifling investment and overall economic growth.

    By creating a transparent and traceable record of control of ownership on the blockchain, we are working to instil greater trust and open those markets for inflow capital.

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