Our research and intellectual property inform everything we do.

nChain has one of the largest portfolios of research with far-reaching applications across industries. See how we’ve turned our research into value-driving solutions for businesses like yours.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

We offer a number of pre-built applications that give your enterprise immediate access to our most requested services.

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Bespoke Solutions

Our Business Services team works directly with clients to create bespoke products. Our extensive research library and development expertise enable rapid real-world deployment.

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Platform Services

Our suite of turnkey services can be deployed quickly to blockchain-enable your business. These enabling services allow seamless blockchain integration without the need for in-house Bitcoin developers.

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Built on the original.

We build enterprise solutions on and for the original Bitcoin protocol. While there are many other blockchain protocols and derivative projects, Bitcoin SV presents the only system that offers what enterprises need to fully capture the value of blockchain technology for business.


A business can only embrace a new technology if it can first rely on it. Bitcoin SV has made stability a priority by focusing on a robust base protocol on which businesses and development teams can safely build, innovate, and experiment, without threat to the entire ecosystem.


While many public and private blockchain protocols are currently struggling with slow processing time, the original Bitcoin protocol, SV, enables massive scaling. This ensures that, as more enterprises discover the benefits of building on SV, the rest of the ecosystem will not be limited or throttled.


One of the hallmarks of the original Bitcoin protocol is its resistance to attacks. To ensure that SV remains secure and gives confidence to users, it engages an industry-leading security audit firm and incentivises thorough testing of any and all network upgrades.

Benefits of nChain

Scalable blockchain solutions ready to transform your business.

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Featured Case Study

Making land registry more transparent to encourage investment

Real estate markets without adequate oversight and transparency are viewed as high risk by domestic and international investors, stifling investment and overall economic growth.

By creating a transparent and traceable record of control of ownership on the blockchain, we are working to instil greater trust and open those markets for inflow capital.

“The team at nChain has helped us see this problem from another perspective. We’re optimistic this technology will positively impact foreign direct investment.”

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