nChain Provides Management Update

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ZUG, SWITZERLAND – 23 November 2021 –  nChain AG (“nChain”) and former Chief Technology Officer, Steve Shadders, have announced he has stepped away from his role.  On an interim basis, Matej Trampuš, previously Director of Engineering and Regional CTO for nChain’s Slovenian operations, has been appointed to the role of interim CTO.  Mr. Trampuš has over 20 years of experience in engineering, software development and senior management, and holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Ljubljana. 

“Steve has been a prominent member of nChain leadership and played an outsized role in the development of the overall ecosystem.  He has a unique skillset that we will continue to benefit from as he applies his expertise more directly to infrastructure and contributes to upgrading the BSV blockchain to Teranode beginning in 2022,” commented Hakan Yuksel, nChain’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are fortunate to have Matej Trampuš as part of our team, who is able to fill the role of overseeing our engineering department and ensuring we accelerate our commercial ambitions.  He brings significant commercial experience that is critical as we drive adoption of our platform Kensei, as well as bringing other commercial offerings to market.” 

Mr. Shadders joined nChain, a blockchain and data integrity company, in 2017 as Director of Solutions & Engineering, and was appointed Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) in 2019.  During his tenure, Mr. Shadders was a driving force behind the build, ongoing maintenance and development of the roadmap for the BSV blockchain. 

It is this passion for blockchain infrastructure and network security that Mr. Shadders expects to focus on going forward.  He will remain active in the BSV ecosystem, particularly ensuring the integrity of the network and that it will scale to meet the increasing demands from enterprise, entrepreneurs and developers. 

“This change allows me to focus exclusively on my passion for Bitcoin infrastructure, becoming laser focussed on Teranode delivery and creating an Open BSV platform that enables competitive infrastructure development by third parties in the future,” commented Steve Shadders.  “Competition is the Bitcoin way and on top of helping to create that market for infrastructure, I also intend to compete in that market.  I remain aligned with nChain’s goals and look forward to an ongoing and productive relationship as we push the boundaries of Bitcoin and the BSV blockchain.” 

About nChain 

nChain is a leading global blockchain technology company and was voted one of the Top 100 most innovative firms in the world in 2022. We are the DNA of Blockchain. We offer software solutions, consulting services and IP licensing for clients in various industries looking to benefit from the security, transparency and scalability of the blockchain. Founded in 2015, nChain employs more than 240 staff, holds over 500 patents and is the developer of Bitcoin SV Node software, Teranode, LiteClient and more.

Carlos Leira
Director of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

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