nChain Dominates the Blockchain Patent Race in Q4 2023 Amidst Industry-Wide Slump

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nChain filed the most patent applications relating to blockchain technology in Q4 2023, a recently published report from GlobalData has found. This was despite a marked decline in blockchain-related patents overall in the same period — 1,523 in Q4 compared to 2,955 in the previous quarter. 

The report  “Technology: Patents Trends Q4 2023” offers comprehensive insights into patenting trends, the strategies of the major players, and geographical focus in the sector over the last three years. Our research and IP team experts filed 77 blockchain-related patent applications from October to December last year and 114 in Q3. That figure puts us in Global Data’s top spot and ahead of Bank of America in second-place with 39 filings. In third and fourth places were International Business Machines (IBM) with 34, and Shenzhen-based Tencent with 32. 

Source: GlobalData report published on 

In other report findings, the United States led the rest of the world in blockchain IP applications with 58% of the overall technology industry share. Next was China with 8%, and the United Kingdom with 2% (nChain most likely making up the lion’s share of the UK total). 

Robert Alizon, Chief IP Officer at nChain said, “Our main goal is to support entrepreneurs on the BSV Blockchain in building profitable enterprises while extending our reach to developers across different blockchain platforms through a forthcoming licensing model. This approach not only signifies our commitment to nurturing the BSV community but also ensures that all participants, regardless of the blockchain technology they employ, fulfil their obligations by obtaining a license from nChain. Our leading position in the Global Data report reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in a rapidly evolving market.” 

At nChain, we have a portfolio of over 3,900 patents and applications, of which over 1,090 have been granted. Since our inception in 2015, our robust research program has covered blockchain infrastructure, blockchain applications, cryptography, key management, network theory, macroeconomics, and other disciplines.  

We were recognised in the LexisNexis Innovation Momentum 2023: The Global Top 100 report of companies advancing innovative solutions to today’s challenges and laying the IP foundations for further breakthroughs.  Last year, Ayre Group announced an investment of up to CHF500 million (€516 million/£443 million) in nChain, including an IP licensing deal for Ayre Ventures portfolio companies.

Calvin Ayre, Founder of Ayre Group said, “Our commitment to nChain and its groundbreaking work in blockchain technology reflects our belief in the transformative power of nChain’s IP. We are excited to support nChain as it leads the way to shaping the infrastructure of this new internet.”

Today, our IP empowers multiple real-world use cases, driving innovation and creating value for our partners, our ecosystem and beyond.  Our position as a leader in the field remains strong. Our significant patent activity, along with strategic investments, sets the stage for continued leadership and innovation in the field of blockchain technology. 

To find out more about our IP Licensing programme, or to speak to one of our experts, click here.