Nakasendo™ (Beta) Version 0.3.0 Goes Public

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nChain is pleased to release Nakasendo™ v0.3.0 as a public beta. Nakasendo™ is a toolset that can be used to enhance the security of cryptographic key management and, more broadly, ensure the effective control of access to any type of digital asset or resource.

Click here to go to the Nakasendo™ website.

In December last year, nChain announced the early-access beta program for Nakasendo™ v0.2.0, providing a mix of high-level cryptographic functions that are underpinned by nChain’s IP patent portfolio and the cryptographic primitives required to realise new and big ideas.

Throughout the early-access beta program, we have responded to feedback across several fields and industries, and implemented relevant changes into the code base. The primary enhancements made since December include:

  • a native Node.js library that wraps the C++ implementation allowing Node.js developers to use the C++ implementation of the Threshold Signature;
  • a library of components to implement Threshold Signatures in C++, based on Google Protocol Buffers for cross-language compatibility;
  • a python implementation of Threshold Signatures using the same Protocol Buffer definitions;
  • bug fixes and improvements to the core Nakasendo™ library;
  • increased unit test coverage; and
  • comprehensive documentation describing Threshold Signatures from a theoretical perspective, with added code snippets, illustrating key concepts.

Upon release of the public beta and latest version of Nakasendo™, nChain Chief Technology Officer Steve Shadders commented:

The public release of Nakasendo™ v0.3.0 marks a new milestone in enabling enterprise-grade security for applications on the blockchain. The toolset allows for accessible use of efficient and secure control of access to digital assets and resources, and equips developers and businesses with the necessary tools to make the integration of solutions on the blockchain feasible and frictionless.

To learn more about Nakasendo™ and its functions, visit the Nakasendo™ website here.

For advice on how to build enterprise-level applications using Nakasendo™, get in touch with nChain Business Services here.