Empowering Woman and Girls to Pursue Science

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As we celebrate Women and Girls in Science Day, we embark on a journey to acknowledge and amplify the achievements of women in these fields, while also inspiring the next generation of female scientists. We recognise the transformative power of innovation and the role that diversity plays in shaping the future of science. 

Breaking down stereotypes  

Stereotypes can hinder innovation and participation in the field of science, and breaking them down can welcome fresh perspectives. Our Technical Architect in Technology, Alison Gatoff, gave her thoughts on how to overcome them and make sure more voices are heard: 

Don’t be intimidated by stereotypes or discouraged by challenges. Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Believe in yourself and focus on building your skills and understanding. Find out what you’re interested in and pursue it!” 

Liuxuan Pan, one of our Senior Researchers in R&D, also offered insights on her personal journey into science and how she serves as a role model for her daughters should they wish to follow in her footsteps: 

I have always been fascinated by numbers, leading me to study statistics and mathematics. As a mother, I hope to inspire my two daughters to explore science and data analysis, fostering problem-solving skills vital for navigating the complexities of the digital world and managing risks in decision-making.” 

By fostering an inclusive culture that values and respects the diversity of our workforce, we fortify our capacity for innovation and drive sustainable growth in the blockchain technology sector and beyond.” 

Unlocking potential 

Science is a vast domain, teeming with opportunities for innovation and creativity. As such, it’s important for young women entering the field to have confidence in their capability and not be daunted by the challenges. 

Our Chief Information Officer, Christine Leong, spoke on the importance of believing in your own abilities and gave her advice to young women aspiring to enter the sector: 

“As a woman thriving in the blockchain technology sector, my foremost advice to young girls interested in science and tech is to nurture your curiosity and never underestimate your potential. Science and technology are vast fields that thrive on innovation, creativity, and a fresh perspective – something you uniquely bring to the table!” 

Let’s continue to support and champion women and girls in science, not just today, but every day for a more inclusive blockchain industry, and beyond.