Collaborating with Celsa UK to Drive the Circular Economy for the Steel Industry

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nChain is proud to have participated in the Blockchain Challenge Fund by Blockchain Connected. Our Senior Strategy Manager, Jack Davies, recently gave an interview at Wales Tech Week joined by Celsa Steel UK, where he shed light on our joint project. The challenge fund, funded by Welsh Government, aims to unite different projects working in the sector and unlock the full potential of blockchain technology.

‘Closing the Loop’

During the panel discussion with Celsa Steel, Jack described how the ‘Closing the Loop’ project makes the case for blockchain in bolstering both Celsa and the broader steel supply chain’s transition towards a circular economy. Through innovative data sharing technology, Jack explained how the Closing the Loop project demonstrates the real-life use cases offered by digital product passport schemes.

The blockchain-based proof of concept offers new layers of data integrity, transparency, and traceability, and its adoption could be instrumental in mitigating the unforeseen economic costs that often plague global steel supply chains.

Eoin Bailey, Innovation Manager at Celsa Steel UK, said during the panel discussion;

“….with this project, we were trying to understand how blockchain could be utilised as a form of traceability, not only through the process of scrap to steel production, but also to measure levels of engagement throughout the construction sector…”


At the core of our collaborative efforts is the empowerment of companies to further their traceability and sustainability. Jack explained that by facilitating widespread data capture and seamless sharing throughout the supply chain, our project can both quantify and magnify the benefits and value of embracing the circular economy.

During the discussion, Jack commented:

“We wanted to talk to Eoin and the whole Celsa team to understand the challenge they were facing from a fundamental perspective. We then looked at how the technology would apply to solve those challenges as a real-world use case.”

This collaboration between nChain and Celsa is creating a transformative impact on the steel industry’s sustainable trajectory.

About nChain

nChain is a global provider of blockchain technology, IP licensing and consulting services. Combining a world leading Web3 IP portfolio together with knowledge, expertise, tools, and products, we enable a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3.  

nChain builds and maintains the most inclusive, secure and scalable Web3 infrastructure that delivers efficient value exchange to foster an ecosystem that is truly pioneering and provides an accessible foundation for everyone to benefit from Web3 opportunities. 

About Celsa Steel

Celsa Steel UK is the largest producer of reinforcement bar and long steel products in the UK. From their Electric Arc Furnace and Hot Rolling facilities in Cardiff, they transform over 1 million tonnes valued UK scrap resource into materials for the UK construction sector. Celsa Steel UK fabrication solutions then delivers the final finished product to construction and infrastructure projects across the UK and Ireland. This resource transformation process is Celsa Circular Steel.

You can take a look at Jack’s interview here.

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