Certifications you can trust,  built on blockchain 

What is nChain Certify?

nChain Certify is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to issue and manage tamper-proof digital certifications on the blockchain.

Certifications are verifiable directly from the blockchain, from anywhere and anytime.

Key Features

Dashboard for Certifications

Create and manage your certification campaigns all in one place.

Customisable Templates

Customise the design of certificates and email notifications including your colours, logos and fonts.

Reference on Chain

Each certificate is cryptographically linked to a blockchain transaction, creating an immutable record of issuance. 

Instant Verification

The authenticity and validity of the certificate can be verified on the blockchain itself via our portal, eliminating the need for centralised authorities.

Use Cases

Government / Regulatory​

Food Safety Agencies​

Regulatory bodies that issue food safety certifications

First Aid / Health Training​

Certifications for first-aid and healthcare sector practitioners

Official Documents

Permits, licenses, qualifications​



From Undergraduate to PhD. diploma


Elementary, middle, high schools​


Internal Employee Training​

Issue certifications for your employees

Event Organisers

Conferences, workshops, seminars​

Online Course Platforms

Certifications for online training courses

Professional Associations &  Accreditation Bodies​

Lawyers, Engineers, Physical trainers


Recipients can verify the authenticity of their certificates using the unique verification code provided with each certificate. You can input this code in the verification tool (https://certificates.nchain.cloud) to retrieve the status of your certificate. You can also verify the authenticity of your certificate by browsing a BSV block explorer (e.g. Whatsonchain) and searching by transaction ID.

If a certificate needs to be revoked, administrators can do so directly from the nChain Certify dashboard. Revoked certificates are updated on the blockchain to reflect their new status, ensuring that any verification attempts will accurately show that the certificate is no longer valid.

Currently, nChain Certify requires an email address to send the digital certificate to recipients.

Yes, nChain Certify supports the bulk upload of recipient information through a CSV file. This feature streamlines the process for issuing certificates to large groups, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the distribution of certificates.

nChain Certify does not impose a limit on the number of certificates you can issue. However, depending on your subscription plan, there may be different pricing tiers or rates applicable based on volume. Review your plan details or contact support for more information.

nChain Certify prioritises the security of certificate data, employing encryption, secure data storage practices, and blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all information. The use of blockchain also adds an extra layer of security through immutable record-keeping.

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