Gate2Chain Pre-launches SaaS platform Trace at the VIP Dining Experience event

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LONDON, MAY 18, 2023 –  Last night, Gate2Chain had the honour of participating in the VIP Dining Experience at Searcys at The Gherkin in London, where it pre-launched its B2B SaaS platform, Trace, in collaboration with IBM. 

As a strategic partner, nChain attended the event to support this initiative. nChain has completed the investment of EUR 2 million in Gate2Chain, following the announcement of the partnership between the two companies in March. This collaboration seeks to create a peer-to-peer economy by offering traceability, tokenisation, and on-chain data integrity solutions.

The event took place at Searcys at The Gherkin and proved to be an unforgettable gastronomic experience curated by renowned Michelin chef, Ollie Dabbous, co-founder and executive chef of Hide restaurant in Piccadilly, London.

Chef Dabbous crafted a one-of-a-kind menu that showcased the capabilities of the Trace platform in capturing product provenance, traceability, and proof of quality on the blockchain. By highlighting how ingredients, dishes, wine, and more can be stored and tracked on the blockchain, Chef Dabbous provided a tangible example of how Trace can improve traceability and sustainability across all aspects of an event.

“We are thrilled to be part of this VIP Dining Experience event and share firsthand with the attendees our vision and the real impact of blockchain technology”, said Bart Olivares, Gate2Chain CEO.

Alongside the source-to-plate culinary experience, Gate2Chain demonstrated Trace’s presence in the fashion industry. As a versatile B2B platform, Trace highlighted its collaboration with the slow-fashion Spanish brand Cortana, showcasing its versatility across various industries.

By creating digital twins for Cortana’s pieces, Trace ensures a transparent and traceable production process. This innovative approach enables participants to explore the origins and rich history of these handcrafted, high-quality garments made from natural fabrics.

The event brought together influential media and VIP guests who witnessed firsthand how products and ingredients can be seamlessly captured ‘on-chain’ to demonstrate provenance, authenticity, and traceability, highlighting the impact of blockchain technology across all event elements.

“Tonight’s event was a perfect demonstration of how companies such as Gate2Chain are leveraging blockchain to solve real-world problems. They offer tangible applications to many industries and already have clients integrating their suite of solutions. We’re extremely excited to be part of this journey, as nChain works to drive the adoption of their solutions,” said Leandro Nunes, Chief Revenue Officer at nChain.

Gate2Chain and nChain are proud to be part of this initiative that showcases the transformative potential of Trace, which has the power to revolutionize supply chain management across industries. The platform enables businesses to have full product lifespan tracking, enhance product and brand value, build customer engagement, and also promote circularity and secondary economies. 

About Gate2Chain

Gate2Chain (G2C) is a company with offices in London and Mallorca. Founded in 2019, G2C specializes in building innovative software solutions using the most scalable public Blockchain and offers three key market-ready products: G2C Suite, MINTA, and Trace. These products allow any business to increase efficiency, transparency and new business models, by creating certainty to achieve growth. G2C’s strategic partners include nChain and IBM.


Jessica Jaume 

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