Block Dojo Reveals Next Chapter in Empowering Blockchain Innovation Across Developing Markets

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London, UK – 9 October 2023: Block Dojo, one of the UK’s most successful and renowned blockchain incubators, continues to blaze a trail around the world, by fostering the spirit of technological innovation in the Philippines, and paving the way for expansion into India in 2024. With the aim to empower start-ups, enterprises, and developers with the necessary tools to succeed in the blockchain industry, Block Dojo is set to transform the global landscape of blockchain development and entrepreneurship technology hubs.

Block Dojo’s journey in the Philippines began with a shared vision to provide comprehensive training, education, upskilling, and business counsel to homegrown talent. The initiative aims to cultivate a pioneering generation of blockchain companies and developers who will drive innovation and foster economic growth in the region.

Earlier this year, Block Dojo announced the launch of its incubator program in the Philippines, followed by a call for submissions, inviting entrepreneurial start-ups and developers to secure a spot. This intensive program offers participants a unique opportunity to sharpen their skills through technical education, investment guidance, investor pitching, and commercialisation. In December 2023, Block Dojo will shortlist applications, with the first cohort embarking on a transformative 12-week course in January 2024.

With an eye on the future, Block Dojo has ambitious plans to expand its footprint into India in 2024. With the Philippines and India poised to become the next hubs for blockchain development, Block Dojo’s entry into these markets aligns perfectly with the regions’ growing emphasis on tech-driven solutions for commercial success and societal good.

James Marchant, Executive Chairman of Block Dojo said, “This is an extremely exciting time for Block Dojo. It’s always a challenge launching a new business but over the past two and a half years we have secured ourselves as one of the leading incubators in the UK. The next milestone has been the establishment of our first international location, and I’m thrilled that Block Dojo Philippines is primed for success, spearheaded with a stellar team in Manila. We now have the blueprint to rollout our incubator program, so this next phase is all about scaling. I am so energised to begin building Dojos across the globe, with the valuable support of nChain, with a focus on developing nations where there is a concentration of skilled developers.”

Christine Leong, Chief Information Officer at nChain added, “We are delighted to partner with Block Dojo on their remarkable journey, as they continue to revolutionise blockchain innovation across key growth markets. Block Dojo’s recent rollout in the Philippines, and its upcoming expansion into India, aligns perfectly with our focus on tech-driven solutions for commercial success and real-world advancement. What sets Block Dojo apart is not only their dedication to nurturing talent but also our strategic alliance, granting successful applicants with exclusive access to nChain’s unparalleled industry connections and technical expertise. This collaboration promises to create a thriving ecosystem, driven by innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.”

Block Dojo is more than just an incubator program. In partnership with nChain, this collaboration promises to foster an ecosystem of innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Block Dojo’s global expansion reflects its commitment to nurturing blockchain innovation in emerging tech economies.


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The mission of Block Dojo is to nurture and support start-ups that will change the world. This means providing a pathway to educate, train and elevate start-up entrepreneurs to the highest standards by providing best-in-class mentors and teaching with the latest tech tools. The Block Dojo is the first start-up accelerator focused exclusively on BSV; it mentors and develops entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, as well as takes care of the administrative hassle of getting a great idea off the ground, so that founders can focus on bringing their tech solutions to market.