Believing in nChain’s future: Calvin Ayre’s 520m investment to strengthen nChain’s IP Development & Commercialisation

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LONDON, 4 AUGUST – Ayre Group has finalised a 520 million Euro deal to invest in nChain, a global leader in blockchain and Web3 technology. The Ayre Group’s investment in nChain is set to have a profound impact on the blockchain and Web3 sectors. It strengthens nChain’s position as a key player in driving the future of the internet and fosters innovation in various industries.

nChain, renowned for its extensive portfolio of nearly 800 technology patents, with over 3,000 more pending approval, holds the key to fundamental building blocks for next-generation internet products and services. These patents cover essential elements of enterprise blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and Web3, making a significant impact on various industries, including the trillion-dollar cryptocurrency market and major corporate implementations.

As Forbes recently observed, nChain’s patents “affect everything from the US$1 trillion cryptocurrency market to corporate implementations built by some of the largest companies in the world.”

Calvin Ayre, the founder of Ayre Group, commented that “for the better part of a decade, nChain and its London-based Chief Scientist Dr Craig Wright have been quietly amassing a patent portfolio of unparalleled scope, literally the foundational elements of enterprise blockchain, AI and Web3. My goal is to accelerate the pace of nChain’s development and increase the commercial adoption of its extensive IP library. There isn’t a single blockchain or Web3 project out there that isn’t standing on the shoulders of nChain’s patent library—the earliest, largest, and highest quality collection in this space.”

nChain’s IP library encompasses a wide range of technologies, from Web3 precursors to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts, playing a pivotal role in the development of next-generation internet products and services. The company’s dedicated research and development team is actively working to transform its extensive IP library into practical applications.

Stefan Matthews, nChain’s Co-Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO emphasises that “Calvin has been a strong advocate for nChain over the years. His decision to take a greater equity position in the nChain Group signifies his confidence in our business model and the value that we hold in our patent portfolio, software development and consulting services.”

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