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nChain is the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies.  Our mission is to enable worldwide adoption and enterprise-level usage of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the true vision of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is both a cryptocurrency and a blockchain capable of powering advanced technologies. Our research, technology, industry partnerships, and investments will ignite the potential of Bitcoin Cash and re-invent the business world.

Research that is light years ahead

Our PHD-qualified scientists and researchers are finding new ways to scale the Bitcoin Cash network and ignite the power of blockchain technology.  Their discoveries will enable new functions of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, re-invent the way enterprises operate, and transform people’s lives.

Development work to unleash the blockchain’s power

Abstract research on its own cannot unleash the blockchain’s transformative power.

nChain’s experienced developers are working on applications that will allow our research insights to be harnessed by business enterprises.  In addition to proprietary products, we will support the Bitcoin Cash community by creating open source, royalty-free software tools that help accelerate blockchain technology.


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