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Bitcoin SV - The Most Powerful Blockchain

nChain believes that Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the original Bitcoin and is the global public blockchain of the future. After years of protocol developers on other Bitcoin projects experimenting to change Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV represents the “Satoshi Vision”  by using the original Bitcoin protocol and core design. With its focus on a stable protocol and massive on-chain scaling, Bitcoin SV will make it easier for global businesses to use and build on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.  Bitcoin SV will fulfil the vision of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper–a global peer-to-peer electronic cash system that can be used on a daily basis.

As a decentralized cryptocurrency without the need for intermediaries, Bitcoin SV empowers individuals with financial sovereignty, banks the world’s largest unbanked population, and gives people true control over their money.

Business enterprises will also benefit from this transformational global payment system, which offers lower transaction fees, faster confirmation times, and greater efficiencies. But Bitcoin SV is more than just a new form of currency; its blockchain is a powerful data network. With a stable BSV base free from constant experimentation from protocol developers, enterprises can take advantage of advanced technologies made possible by massively scaling the BSV blockchain, such as decentralised applications, smart contracts, asset tokenisation, and other advancements.

Our Mission

nChain’s mission is to ignite global adoption and enterprise-level usage of Bitcoin.  We believe BSV will fulfil the Satoshi Vision and change the world.

Our R&D professionals are working to expand both the short- and long-term capabilities of the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency and network. Their efforts include:

  • Research into near-term opportunities to expand and massively scale the Bitcoin SV network (including optimisation opportunities for nodes to handle increased block size and transaction flow in a fully resilient manner);
  • Research into medium and long-term advancements on the Bitcoin SV blockchain (including techniques for smart contracts, tokenising assets, and increased privacy);
  • Development of Bitcoin SV products and applications, enabling others to benefit from our insights and improvements; and
  • Consulting with other enterprises to help them actively develop applications and products from our research.

Although much of our work is protected through the patent process, nChain intends to licence select innovations and products on an open-source or royalty-free basis, specifically for applications operating on the BSV network.

nChain is also building a professional services unit, which will help business clients design and implement blockchain projects using nChain’s intellectual-property assets.

Our goal is to support the broader Bitcoin SV community, and ensure its growth into a vibrant, worldwide BSV ecosystem. We will use our work to ignite the BSV blockchain and re-invent business.

(Research and development services are conducted by nChain Limited, at the direction of nChain Holdings Limited).


With a strong, diverse, and global team of researchers and developers representing more than ten different nationalities, nChain’s team is ideally resourced to support the drive towards global adoption of Bitcoin.  Our team is primarily based out of London, United Kingdom, with additional members in other countries.

Our core research team has more than ten PhDs across a variety of disciplines including mathematics, cryptography, physics, computer science, and network theory. They also have industrial experience in software development, data science, business strategy, and consulting.

Our development teams cover a variety of different languages and skills including Java, C++, and Python.  Collectively, they represent two centuries of development experience in-house, much of it sourced from large-scale traditional financial-services enterprises. We also have a development team devoted to open-source projects, including vital work to support the Bitcoin protocol and testing efforts.  Our teams understand the challenges of growing Bitcoin SV to re-invent the existing ecosystem across various industries.