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nChain explains path to global adoption of central bank digital currencies 

This introduction to digital national currencies offers a fresh perspective to the more academic approach—that of a commercial company developing in-market solutions—and is the most comprehensive of its kind. It shows why the only barrier to adoption is choosing an insufficient CBDC design, and argues central banks would be well-placed to begin the scoping process as soon as possible. The Playbook is available for download on nChain’s website. 

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Sector-Specific Cashback Through Central Bank Digital Currency

In a recently published paper, titled ‘Cashbacks falling from the sky: Can retail CBDC rollout widen central banks’ toolkit?’, nChain Researcher Dr Vlad Skovorodov and former nChain Researcher Dr Zamid Aligishiev examine the feasibility of electronic cashback and varying cashback rates as facilitated by a potential retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) to enhance the economic toolkit for targeting inflation rates.

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