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Is Bitcoin the future of compliance and audits?

The concept of time is central to blockchain technology. Satoshi’s white paper devotes a whole chapter to explaining how each block of transactions is chronologically ordered and why that matters for provability. In this third article in our Bitcoin Building Blocks series, we look at Bitcoin’s block structure, the ‘newspaper’ analogy, and how businesses can benefit from compliance and auditing features inherent to the system’s design. 

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Solving Back-to-Genesis Using a Transaction Chain Proof

There is increasing discussion in the Bitcoin community about a workable solution to the back-to-genesis problem. In nChain R&D we have developed a solution that can be implemented on the BSV blockchain today. It is a generic approach that involves a mathematical construction known as a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) and can be implemented on many other blockchains as well, such as BTC. 

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Physically Unclonable Functions: How Intrinsic Digital Fingerprints Enhance Integrity in IoT and Supply Chain Management

The Internet of things (IoT) has brought new opportunities to the way products and assets can be tracked and managed across the supply chain. Yet, without the introduction of lightweight device authentication, security and privacy concerns will continue to add to the already high cost of IT infrastructure that makes near real-time data collection possible…

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