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A Global Top 100 Innovator

We began as a blockchain research company and are now the only pure blockchain firm in the world’s top 100 most innovative companies.

Since 2015, we are proud to have published over 1,500 research papers, built a portfolio of over 450 patent families, and pushed the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology.

While many talk about their blockchain knowledge, we have a track record that proves we understand this technology and how it can be used to help organisations of all types.

We rank #7 globally

when it comes to the number of active patents related to blockchain technology with 65 new patents applied for a new inventions in 2021

Source: Innography

Our robust research program covers blockchain infrastructure, blockchain applications, cryptography, key management, network theory, macroeconomics, and other disciplines.

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“Entering the blockchain space in 2018, we identified Dr. Craig Wright and nChain as top five global innovators.”
Erich Spangenberg


Metanet, invented by nChain in 2018, makes it possible to index information written to the blockchain.

This is a base layer that keeps complete control of data with its owner and, when used at scale on the BSV blockchain and can support the internet of value.

Watch our presentation from May 2019, featuring nChain’s Jack Davies to learn more about Metanet.

Featured Blog Post
Threshold Signatures

Published in 2021, nChain’s threshold signatures scheme elegantly solves critical key management and custodial challenges. More secure and faster than existing solutions, the new mechanism can enable seamless multi-party exchanges of value.

Featured Blog Post
PUSHTX and its Building Blocks

nChain researched identified insights and optimisations to perpetually enforcing locking scripts (PELS) that can increase security and decrease network lags [on Proof of Work blockchains]. This innovation charts a path for IoT devices to be used in increasingly mobile, seamless, and secure ways.

Access Industry Research

We are committed to driving adoption of blockchain technology and have programs in place to assist those looking to benefit from our industry leading knowledge.

Blockchain Smart Pool

We are Founding members of IPwe’s Blockchain Smart Pool, which is an efficient mechanism to drive adoption of utility-based applications of blockchain technology. Access is free for entrepreneurs and the smallest businesses, with rates remaining attractive and competitive for even the largest corporations.

Technology Licencing

We have over 400 inventions available for licencing that cover a wide range of blockchain and non-blockchain applications. Our licensing program allows organizations and entrepreneurs to benefit from our industry leading research, accelerating their product development, or enhancing their offering in an efficient way.

Want to join the Blockchain Smart Pool?

The Blockchain Smart Pool provides established businesses and entrepreneurs an accessible path to build blockchain-based solutions through a robust portfolio of patents.

Interested in licensing our technology?

Get in touch to learn more or discuss a particular area of interest to your business.

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