Digital Money

Financial inclusion for the modern economy

What is digital money?

A blockchain-enabled approach to managing assets, accounts and ledgers across different financial institutions and money transmitters.

This facilitates a faster and cheaper way to make digital payments and cross-border remittances, tokenise commodities or other assets, and execute interbank clearing and settlement. We also introduce the ability to support cross-asset settlements.

This product can be combined with our digital cash product to provide a comprehensive set of features for central banks and financial institutions.

Why is digital money needed?​

From metaverse to micro and nano payments, the payment landscape is changing. Existing monetary systems were not designed for a digital era.

The high volume of cross border payments and the collateralisation of money within and across economies increases uncertainty in the money supply estimates relied on to inform monetary policy.

A double-entry based solution

Digital money allows issuers to define different asset types within a single product. Commodities and other assets can be digitised for inclusion in aggregate money supply.

Replicates the commercial, private or deposit money models.

Authorises transactions through a fully permissioned model.

Tokenises fiat currencies, physical commodities and other assets.

Supports high volume, low cost transaction processing.

Use Cases

Digital money brings significant benefits in various use cases

Wholesale CBDC
Cross-border Payments
Tokenised Assets & Commodities

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