See how blockchain unlocks competitive advantage in your industry.


Capital Markets

Blockchain creates global marketplaces with more access for individuals and a greater investment pool.


Blockchain helps governments around the world fight corruption, become more agile and reduce costs.


When utility and public work data is stored on-chain, the public gains greater trust in their government and sense of representation.

Supply Chain

By being able to trace their purchases back through the supply chain, consumers gain confidence and brands build trust.


Financial services on-chain create fraud-resistant transparency and create true global marketplaces.


With more efficient on-chain data management, patients can control their own data and receive more accurate treatment, wherever they seek it.


Blockchain tracking and monitoring of drug prescription and use saves lives and helps identity epidemics before they spread.


The blockchain-enabled power grid is more efficient, enabling energy sharing, real-time payments and reducing network costs.

Land & Real Estate

Blockchain removes the potential for fraud from traditional land registries and creates new opportunities, such as fractional real estate ownership.

Food & Beverage

On-chain supply data helps protect the public from food-borne threats and allows consumers to make more informed choices in the aisles.