Professional Services

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nChain fully understands the brilliance of the economics of Bitcoin. It drives our progress in delivering blockchain applications and services, and guides us in executing on the purest vision of the Bitcoin white paper. With such insight, and access to one of the largest intellectual-property portfolios, our team can work with enterprises to identify the right solutions and secure applications on the most advanced open blockchain, Bitcoin SV. nChain Professional Services offer three distinct services to enterprises and institutions.




Our Professional Services team distinguishes itself from other entities offering similar services by placing a significant focus on educating on and reshaping the narrative that is associated with blockchains, open blockchains in particular.

As advocates of Bitcoin blockchain technology, we are frequently called upon to address the most common concerns related to open blockchain technologies, such as regulation, compliance, and adoption. Get in touch with us here.


Advisory Services


Our advisory services identify and cope with the challenges you face in implementing tailored blockchain solutions, and work with your internal teams to identify the optimal approach to the integration & delivery of your services. Training and upskilling of existing teams form another important component of our advisory services.

By engaging with our Professional Services team, you can leverage some of the best technical and intellectual minds in Bitcoin to help you develop your business products and services on top of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Get in touch with us here.


Packaged Solutions


nChain have developed one of the largest portfolios of Bitcoin and blockchain intellectual property, which is made available for use on the Bitcoin SV blockchain exclusively. Our internal teams have created a range of packaged solutions inspired by our diverse intellectual-property portfolio—designed to address common business problems across a variety of domains and leveraging your day-to-day business. Get in touch with us here.


Advisory Services & Packaged Solutions


Enterprises will realise the biggest value by both leveraging the experience and knowledge delivered by our advisory services and taking advantage of our expertise in delivering bespoke packaged solutions that are tailored towards your business needs. Our Professional Services team can analyse and understand your business needs and offer techniques and methods from our vast portfolio of research to provide additional levels of security, performance, and capabilities to your blockchain solutions. We then ensure you have everything you need to quickly and effectively deliver such blockchain solutions to your market. Get in touch with us by filling out the form below.



For media inquiries, please email us at [email protected]