The Bitcoin SV network relies on open-source work by many independent developer teams and contributors. In addition to collaborating with different developer groups, nChain devotes resources to its own open-source projects to further advance technological capabilities of the blockchain.

nChain’s open-source projects include:


A software development kit with cryptographic solutions and tools to help programmers more easily develop applications on the blockchain. Nakasendo™ is provided under nChain’s Open BSV License.


A new Bitcoin full-node implementation designed to fulfil the “Satoshi Vision” by restoring and stabilizing the original Bitcoin protocol and core design.  Started by nChain at the request of large Bitcoin miner CoinGeek, Bitcoin SV began as a competing implementation for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) but now has become its own permanent chain and BSV token.  Bitcoin SV will enable the original Bitcoin blockchain to massively scale with much larger blocks and encourage businesses to build on top of a stable platform.   Bitcoin SV is provided under the open-source MIT License.



For longer term deployment after Bitcoin SV, a more advanced Bitcoin SV full node implementation aimed for enterprise-level capabilities when the BSV network is massively scaled.  Teranode will employ a micro-services architecture approach to target Terabyte size block capacity.


The Metanet

The Metanet is a global protocol and framework, designed by Dr. Craig Wright, for structuring and facilitating the on-chain internet for the Bitcoin SV blockchain.
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nChain has also sponsored developer time for – a Java library for working with the Bitcoin protocol. Using enterprise-friendly Java language, provides SPV (Simple Payment Verification) light wallet functionality, making it suitable for use with mobile device applications. nChain intends to support development of a BitcoinJ library for Bitcoin SV.

nChain is also a partner in significant projects developed by other teams.