May 3, 2018

Bitcoin Cash listed on London Block Exchange

Due to popular demand, London Block Exchange (LBX) has today added Bitcoin Cash to its offering for consumers and institutional investors.

LBX is the UK’s leading multi-cryptocurrency exchange and Benjamin Dives, LBX Founder and CEO, has said that the Exchange is “listening to the community in deciding which coins we will list”.

The FCA-registered LBX, based in London’s Canary Wharf, opened in November for over-the-counter trades and is currently onboarding retail customers to its app. Members also receive a daily market report.

Jimmy Nguyen, CEO of blockchain R&D company nChain, which develops innovative technology that leverages the benefits of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), comments:

“The decision to list Bitcoin Cash shows that the London Block Exchange is listening to the market. Bitcoin Cash is the future. With faster transaction times, lower transaction fees and greater security, Bitcoin Cash represents the true vision of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.”

“This move highlights the potential of Bitcoin Cash as the one true all-in-one coin, which can do what all other cryptocurrencies and blockchains claim to do. We expect investor demand for Bitcoin Cash to grow, while demand for legacy Bitcoin Core (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies declines.”

“A protocol upgrade will occur on May 15, and this will further improve the Bitcoin Cash network. At this point, the BCH block size will increase from 8MB to 32MB, which will significantly increase throughput capacity to handle transactions, as well as keeping transaction fees very low as network usage grows. This protocol upgrade will also restore certain OP_Codes in the Bitcoin scripting language, and enable smart contract and tokenisation solutions on the BCH network.”

“After this May 2018 upgrade, expect more steps toward massive on-chain scaling of the Bitcoin Cash network. We envision a future with massive block of 1 gigabyte (1000 MBs), and even 1 terabyte (1 million MBs), to achieve a powerful BCH data network that will re-invent how global business is done.”

“These changes will make BCH faster, stronger and more powerful. Win, win, win.”

“Bigger blocks are the only way to make Bitcoin a viable payment option for global, daily transacting. That is why, here at nChain, we like big blocks and we cannot lie!”


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