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Bitcoin SV Full Node Implementation Launched to Fully Restore Original Bitcoin Protocol

By: Jimmy Nguyen - Chief Executive Officer

August 16, 2018

nChain, the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies, announces the creation of…

Why the Real Bitcoin Has Big Blocks: Episode 1

By: Sebastian Plötzeneder - Communications Manager

August 10, 2018

Whether you have been involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for long, or just beginning to…

From Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash: A Network Analysis

By: Jimmy Nguyen - Chief Executive Officer

April 10, 2018

nChain researcher Marco Alberto Javarone and Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright recently released their latest…

Use Cases for Re-Enabled Op Codes

By: Steve Shadders, Lead Developer

March 16, 2018

Several disabled op codes that were in the original version of bitcoin but subsequently disabled…

All Merchants Want for Christmas Should be Bitcoin Cash

By: Jimmy Nguyen - Chief Executive Officer

December 21, 2017

With Christmas and other winter celebrations wrapping up 2017, merchants are seeing the best holiday…

Bitcoin Cash Development & Testing Accord

By: Jimmy Nguyen - Chief Executive Officer

December 4, 2017

nChain believes Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin. With its bigger blocks, faster speed, and…

Legal Risks of Segregated Witness in Bitcoin: Law Journal Article

By: Team nChain

October 25, 2017

In his law journal article, “The Risks of Segregated Witness: Problems under Electronic Contract and…

nChain Innovation: Digital Rights Management on the Blockchain

By: nChain Admin

October 6, 2017

One of the key opportunities offered by blockchain technologies is their ability to increase efficiencies…

The Risks of Segregated Witness: Problems under Evidence Laws

By: Team nChain

September 15, 2017

The bitcoin community still debates whether Segregated Witness will help the network’s scalability or will…

nChain Innovation: On the Road to Smart Contracts

By: nChain Admin

August 22, 2017

Blockchains are far more than a simple conduit for cryptocurrencies.  With their strong cryptographic foundations,…