London, United Kingdom

Software Developer – C/C++

nChain is looking for a new C/C++ Software Developer to join our team.

To be considered, please submit your resume by clicking “Share” at the bottom of this page.

Who we are

nChain is the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies. We have a primary focus on growing Bitcoin Cash as the global standard of currency. The nChain group also comprises of an investment arm funding and contributing to Companies and groups working in the space, as well as nTrust, a Canadian based Crypto Currency exchange.

Together our companies are open source and proprietary technology capable of global scaling and use. We are always looking for the next innovative use of blockchain technology and in particular Bitcoin Cash. Be it cryptocurrency management and services or a new unheard-of process to bring blockchain into new paradigms.

We know that great technology needs great people. That’s why we offer competitive salaries and benefit packages, and the unique opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in Bitcoin and blockchain.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for an efficient and experienced C/C++ developer. Our development team is small and on the edge of what is known about Bitcoin and the blockchain. We are pushing the common understanding of blockchain technology to new heights and require a self-starter, who can adapt and solve problems on the go. They will work closely in tight team where collaboration in all stages of the design and development cycle is integral to the role. Location is not a barrier, we are used to working with geographically distributed teams so you’ll have the option of working from your home or joining us in London.

The role requires an understanding of software development best practices, as well as being comfortable with participating in code review. This role ideally suits those who are passionate about Bitcoin as per the Satoshi Nakamato whitepaper (2008) and wish to be on the cutting edge of it’s global adoption though research and development into new ways to scale and use the underlying blockchain. Many opportunities exist to get involved with new research into the space.


  • Develop services and libraries in C++ on Linux, Windows
  • Implement best practices in all areas of software development
  • Provide appropriate unit tests for all code
  • Assist in functional test automation
  • Participate in requirements gathering and refinement
  • Provide support for applications
  • Participate in team and peer improvement plans
  • Think outside the box


  • Must have 8+ years expertise in C++
  • Strong understanding of how Bitcoin and the blockchain work
  • Must have expertise in Linux and Windows library development
  • Must have experience with automated build configuration with CMake
  • Must have experience with non-C++ language bindings such as Python or Java
  • Must have experience with multi-threaded programming with POSIX threads
  • Experience with C++11 and some experience with C++14
  • Understanding of cryptography and experience with libcrypto++
  • Experience with test automation including performance testing
  • Experience with dealing with formal requirements such as documentation