London, United Kingdom

Researcher / Senior Researcher

We are looking for a Researcher / Senior Researcher to join our team.

Who we are

Here at nChain research we are dedicated to improving the ‘plumbing’ of Bitcoin. We address its scaling challenges, turn it into a reliable infrastructure, and deliver innovative applications.

Our team consists of PhD graduates from a spectrum of different fields, consultants specialised in practical solutions, and futurists with contrasting visions. We tackle constrained problems with unbounded creativity. We encourage collaboration and value individual styles and thinking.

We organise our team by combining the best practices of academia with the best practices of modern agile project management. This means scientific rigour, seminars, knowledge shares, peer reviews, and internal and external collaborations. At the same time, we encourage self-organisation, hold regular stand-ups, promote visibility and incremental delivery, manage risks and blockers, and conduct retrospectives.

Who we are looking for

Our goal is to take individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and turn them into blockchain specialists. We look for people who are eager to learn, willing to contribute, adaptive to new ways of thinking, and who are capable of fast-paced high-quality research.

Currently, we are particularly interested if you have a background in:

  • Economics – Game Theory, Macro Economics, Behavioural Economics, Economy Policy, etc
  • Finance – Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Derivatives, Insurance
  • RegTech and GovTech
  • Smart Contracts and Automata Theory
  • Computability Theory
  • High-Performance Hardware – ASICs, FPGAs, TEEs, etc

However, your strength in any other background will be considered. We will hire you based on your individual merits and the potential we see in you.

What we can offer

At nChain research you will have the opportunity to shape the future of Bitcoin technology. You will work in a unique research-led organisation and collaborate with the world’s leading blockchain researchers, solution architects, and software engineers. There will be opportunities to team up with professional services and offer advice to businesses in or entering the blockchain industry.

We actively encourage candidates looking to make a career change into the blockchain space while utilising their previous expertise. We offer a supportive environment, along with a comprehensive training programme that involves targeted exercises and regular contact time with the team.

Every month we conduct a Hack Day where you can share your ideas, innovate, and potentially create valuable business products.


The main responsibilities of the Researcher / Senior Researcher are as follows:

  • Research and draft white papers based on a pipeline of ideas as prioritised by the Director of Research. Most of these ideas come directly from our Chief Scientist Dr Craig Wright.
  • Conduct research to the highest academic and industry standards. This involves:
    • Scientifically rigorous approach to research
    • Commitment to peer review, active collaboration, and clear communication (both inside and outside the team)
    • Producing white papers of a quality similar to an academic or industry journal
  • Actively contribute to our seminar series.
  • Support turning white papers into patent applications. This is achieved by liaising with internal and external patent attorneys.
  • Support professional services and engineering teams when requested. For example, in the form of a Subject Matter Expert.
  • Assist with recruitment and training.

Qualifications and Requirements

You should be able to demonstrate knowledge in least one of the following:

  • Mathematical sciences
  • Applied cryptography and network security
  • Distributed computing
  • Data science
  • Software engineering using languages such as Python or C++

The following are required:

  • The ability to work independently to produce scientific research papers, ideally demonstrated through journal and/or conference publications
  • Critical thinking and logical reasoning
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

The following are desirable:

  • Understanding of blockchain fundamentals
  • Familiarity with agile project management techniques
  • Awareness of software/programming principles
  • Knowledge of financial processes, systems, and products
  • Consultancy or client-facing experience
  • Line-management experience
  • Experience producing patent applications

Our academic requirements are:

  • PhD in a relevant field of study


  • Lower degree in a relevant field of study combined with industrial experience or demonstrating exceptional potential

Overview of nChain

nChain is the global leader in the research, development, and deployment of blockchain and cryptographic technologies. The Researcher / Senior Researcher will work alongside some of the leading researchers in the blockchain space, and successful candidates will ideally be able to interact with other qualified researchers and data scientists to discuss/review highly complex technical solutions and concepts.

Together, the nChain Group of companies is actively building proprietary technology that can be deployed on a global scale. We prioritise secure technology that facilitates the easy use of blockchain, whether that is for cryptocurrency management or expansion of the blockchain into new paradigms.

We know that great technology needs great people. That’s why we offer competitive salaries and benefit packages, and the unique opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds and cutting-edge technology in blockchain.