August 8, 2019

Women steer the course of blockchain


Established in 2015, nChain is a global leader in advisory, research, and development of blockchain technologies. We specialise in helping clients to build new business models that are only possible on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. We provide technical advice on architecture, design and development and access to our industry-leading research and engineering teams who help identify the most effective solutions for growth.

At nChain, we understand that for an innovating force to be truly disruptive, technology should be open to all. nChain has been at the forefront of having inspirational women helping to shape our vision and strategy – both internally and externally. Our current workforce is over 20% female. We can put this figure into context by comparing it to the average crypto start-up, which has a female workforce of just 10%. Women are represented throughout the business at managerial and board level in professional services, research, engineering, marketing, HR, and finance.

Initiatives such as hosting coding workshops for girls and events to promote women in the industry are being organised by teams at nChain. These events are aligned with nChain’s goal to educate communities on blockchain to help maximise the opportunities the technology offers.

Blockchain can drive women’s economic empowerment

At this moment, women have the unique opportunity to help shape the blockchain industry from its inception. Women’s needs can remain central as the technology and industries are built out rather than trying to retrofit them into an already established technology. For this to transpire, women must be contributing to all areas of the ecosystem.

Blockchain technology is a transformative tool for empowering the economic lives of women across the globe. Economic opportunity can be realised in both places where women have rights but lack the access to capital in order to realise them and countries where they have fewer rights to their wealth and property.

Nearly 50% of the female population still lack access to banking facilities; through peer-to-peer technology, blockchain can drive women’s economic empowerment worldwide. Blockchain enables payment and banking transactions to function without the need for a third-party. There are nominal costs incurred to hold crypto in a wallet and make and receive payments, removing a significant barrier to entry for many women.

Societies now have a method to store digital records safely and efficiently providing women autonomy over their identity and records. Being able to access records is critical to apply for jobs, open bank accounts and sign legal contracts. This is a real life-changing concept for women in countries where traditionally male relatives have held their official papers.

As an organisation, nChain feels a sense of responsibility to ensure that the technology is not only implemented effectively for our clients but also most importantly in a socially responsible manner.

Blockchain is truly disruptive, and like other disruptive technologies before it, it will eventually impact almost every conceivable industry. With this power and reach comes great responsibility, which we are working to ensure is placed in many hands that truly represent world diversity.