April 10, 2018

From Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash: A Network Analysis


nChain researcher Marco Alberto Javarone and Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright recently released their latest work, a preliminary investigation of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash networks. The aim: analyze the global structure of each network and evaluate whether the networks are provided with small-world behaviour. The paper investigates the topological properties of each network in order to better understand the structure, and evaluate the dynamics of stochastic processes that could provide opportunities for new applications. 
After examining both networks, Javarone and Wright find that the “fittest-get-richer” principle effectively describes the dynamics of the Bitcoin network and the Bitcoin Cash network. They find that both networks portray “small-world” behaviour, which is essential for the reliability of the networks, and recommend further analyses on spreading phenomenon and/or percolation in order to better understand how modern technologies share data and information.