About nChain
We unlock the potential of enterprise data by making it reliable.
We believe the world should be able to trust in the data upon which it relies.

Data that can be tampered with lacks integrity. This is why we are committed to providing access to tamper-proof data solutions. Our solutions can automate data verification, decrease costs, mitigate risks, increase efficiency, and open new revenue opportunities.

By simplifying access to the blockchain, we provide the means for anyone to leverage data to its fullest.

Our technical capabilities cover all layers of blockchain software development.

From the infrastructure that powers the network with the greatest throughout per second to developer-friendly tools to end-user solutions, we build it.

Our portfolio allows organisations to build new products or enhance existing ones with our rapidly expanding set of tools and applications. If it does not exist we have experienced consultants that can scope and deliver custom solutions.

Application Layer
Digital Money
Digital Cash
Beginning with peer-to-peer cash, we are continuously developing new and in demand, end-user applications that deliver the promise of an immutable ledger, built for scale.
Platform Layer Kensei Kensei cuts through the complex development and ongoing operations needed to build directly on the blockchain protocol. Our toolkit currently consists of 3 products: Certify, Connect and Compute.
Infrastructure Layer Bitcoin SV Our team of experts is contracted for BSV blockchain infrastructure development. We develop, maintain, and enhance the open source BSV node software.
From the origin of modern blockchain technology to the launch of the world’s first data integrity operating system.
The Foundation of the Modern Blockchain
Satoshi Nakamoto starts the data integrity age.
nChain Is Founded
nChain is founded to expand the understanding of the potential of blockchain technology.
Node Software Implementation
nChain engineers help launch reference implementation designed for the data integrity age and the needs of enterprise.
Kensei Is Launched
nChain launches Kensei, an interface that simplifies blockchain development for enterprise and entrepreneurs.
We are led by experts with extensive expertise in blockchain, intellectual property, business strategy, and corporate development.
Hakan Yuksel
Chief Executive Officer
Craig S. Wright, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Matej Trampuš, PhD
Chief Technical Officer
Sergio De Mingo
Chief Product & Marketing Officer
Leandro Nunes
Chief Revenue Officer
Andy Moody
Chief Financial Officer
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