Author name: Sebastian Ploetzeneder

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Physically Unclonable Functions: How Intrinsic Digital Fingerprints Enhance Integrity in IoT and Supply Chain Management

The Internet of things (IoT) has brought new opportunities to the way products and assets can be tracked and managed across the supply chain. Yet, without the introduction of lightweight device authentication, security and privacy concerns will continue to add to the already high cost of IT infrastructure that makes near real-time data collection possible…

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Robust Automated Contracts and Token Protocols: nChain Enhances Bitcoin Script Functionality

With the rise of cloud and edge computing, mobile security and efficiency improvements are required for enterprise users to take full advantage of the opportunities that come with data-rich Internet of things (IoT) devices and other tools. As data-capturing devices get more sophisticated, the speed and ease at which data needs to be exchanged poses a challenge when it comes to the robustness and reliability of modern technology…

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Sector-Specific Cashback Through Central Bank Digital Currency

In a recently published paper, titled ‘Cashbacks falling from the sky: Can retail CBDC rollout widen central banks’ toolkit?’, nChain Researcher Dr Vlad Skovorodov and former nChain Researcher Dr Zamid Aligishiev examine the feasibility of electronic cashback and varying cashback rates as facilitated by a potential retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) to enhance the economic toolkit for targeting inflation rates.