Our team is made up of 94 minds who are different from one another in almost every way, except one: We believe in this.

We come from different backgrounds and hometowns. We have different mother tongues and hold advanced degrees in disparate fields. We’ve lived diverse experiences and we carry varied ambitions. Yet, at nChain, we are united.

We see the power of Bitcoin to reshape our world. So we’ve chosen to step away from other careers and other opportunities to not just imagine that future, but to build it. To not just witness the most fundamental and promising technology of our lifetimes, but to champion it.

Our products and solutions help businesses around the globe understand and realise the full potential of blockchain for their organisations, operations and data. That potential need not be described in the future tense; we are putting it into practice right now, creating value and competitive advantage across the world.

We create value that can be measured financially, but we choose a different metric. We measure our success in the value we create to advance human lives and human experiences. In that way, Blockchain is so much more than a tool for enterprises. More than a product to plug in and take advantage of. We believe that Bitcoin is a lens. Looking through it, we see new opportunities to tackle our most daunting global challenges. Peering through it, we see new realities for security, safety, privacy and personal liberty.

Bitcoin will change our lives, and that’s why we’re here.

We are 94 people working together for the benefit of 7.8 billion.


David Washburn, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Washburn joined nChain as CEO in 2019. Prior to joining nChain David spent 17 years in capital markets, most recently as Managing Director of the Canadian Cash Equities business for a global investment bank.

Steve Shadders

Chief Technology Officer

Steve has been involved in Bitcoin infrastructure since early 2011. In his role, he contributes his ecosystem-wide perspective, to support building the mining and UX infrastructure, needed to enable Satoshi’s Vision.

Craig Wright, PhD

Chief Science Officer

As the Chief Scientist at nChain, Dr Wright oversees the scientific functions of the company, including basic and applied research projects and the development of new processes, technologies, and products.

Will Chelton, PhD

Chief Legal Officer

Will is a UK and European Patent Attorney, with a technical background in cryptography, who brings a wealth of corporate and private-practice IP experience to nChain.

Andy Moody, BA(HONS), ACCA

Director of Finance

After becoming a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Andy combined his years of experience within practice and industry; with his time spent in the financial elements of blockchain and cryptocurrency mining.

Simit Naik

Director of Business Services

Simit hails from a career in financial services and public sector, holding senior roles in consultancy, strategy and product across organisations such as Visa and Logica. He established the Business Services division at nChain and works with enterprises to take advantage of blockchain tech.

Nina Tchitava, MSc

Head of HR & Talent

Nina is an HR & Talent leader with a MSc in International Human Resource Management & in-depth wide-ranging, diverse & commercial experience.

Owen Vaughan, PhD

Director of Research

Upon joining nChain Owen discovered that his classical academic background could be combined with modern disciplines such as cryptography, computer science and game theory in order to produce innovative research that has a positive real-world impact.


In everything we do, we seek to challenge how people see, use and value data.


We exist to align innovation with practical application, giving businesses and organisations access to the value of blockchain.


We believe that theory doesn’t change the world, so we pioneer real-world solutions that put potential into practice every day.

Featured Case Study

Creating a unified view of patient prescription data with smart contracts.


The opioid crisis claims nearly 200 lives in the United States every day. A fractured healthcare record system has made understanding and addressing the crisis nearly impossible.

We are working with public and private organisations in the United States to build a blockchain-enabled unified overview of national perscription data to better understand and manage the flow of opioids and create greater accountability.