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Founded in 2015, nChain initially focused purely on the research and development needed to drive enterprise application of the nascent blockchain technology. Beginning in 2019, custom solutions and commercial applications were offered to clients to serve their data integrity needs. Today, nChain offers a suite of commercial products and services, leveraged by our portfolio of over 250 patent-pending or granted inventions.

nChain’s technology platform Kensei provides seamless access to commercial blockchain infrastructure and applications, reducing the need for organisations to undertake complex development work or develop in-house blockchain expertise.

nChain has offices in the Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Slovenia.


nChain is led by a fit-for-purpose management team with extensive expertise across all areas of our business.

expanding how we
meet customers’
data integrity

Founded as an R&D organisation focused on the long-term use of blockchain solutions.
Added engineering capabilities to develop the infrastructure required to meet commercial-level needs.
Business services department created to capture specific market needs and connect with interested stakeholders.
Acquired CREA and EqualEyes to deepen engineering capabilities and add complementary service offerings.
Launching nChain’s product platform.

Our Brands

CREA helps partners quickly adapt to new business situations to improve their competitiveness through the implementation of business innovation.
Equaleyes Solutions is an award-winning software development company, whose core areas of expertise are web and mobile development & UX UI design.
Minimise risk, remove wasted time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency with enterprise-level data integrity. Trust the data you rely upon.
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