Intellectual Property

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With cutting-edge innovations, nChain is building a significant portfolio of intellectual-property assets – most likely the largest number of blockchain patent applications in the world.

Our inventions are not the blockchain itself, but instead build advanced new functionality on top of the blockchain. Our portfolio covers a broad and growing range of areas, including security advancements, computational flexibility, voting systems, smart contract solutions, and other innovations that will support enterprise-level usage of the blockchain.

In addition to building enterprise value with IP assets, nChain wants to support massive adoption of the Bitcoin SV network. nChain will be offering a number of inventions to the Bitcoin SV community through open-source and royalty-free licenses, specifically for applications and products operating on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. This is part of nChain’s commitment to the community and to supporting an enterprising future for Bitcoin.

A current full set of nChain’s patent applications can be found at WIPO ( by searching ‘nChain’.